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The Silver Spotlight - May 2011 - Reno Million Dollar Roping

Q & A with Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping producer and Nevada Military Support Alliance president, Perry DiLoreto.


Q: Perry, your million dollar team roping is well known as the richest amateur roping in the world. What are some of the key ingredients to producing such a prestigious event?

A: The number one key ingredient is those who travel from all over the country to participate.  Without these fine men and women our event would not be possible.  Secondly, our event takes place during and on the same grounds as the very successful Reno Rodeo.  Contestants come to compete in our events and have the opportunity to be spectators at the Bob Fiest and Reno Rodeo. Also, the non- profit aspect and the great causes we support makes this event take on a new meaning every year. Last but certainly not least is our very gracious sponsors.  Each and every year we have an overwhelming response by their gracious contribution to our prize line and contestant gift packs.


Q: For many years you have had to turn many entry requests away due to the cap you’ve implemented on the number of teams. How have you managed this issue, and have you expanded the entry pool?

A: Our number one goal when processing entries is to create a competitive yet level playing field so that anyone of the 200+ teams that are accepted to rope have a real chance at winning the first place $200,000.  Each and every entry is screened by the USTRC and then reviewed several times individually and as a team to ensure that the team, as entered is handicapped appropriately for this roping.  Limiting the number of teams and focusing our mission on selected charities has undoubtlby increased our entry pool.  We focus on those who have been with us loyally for years and if possible try to bring in a few new teams every year.

Q: A few years back luck was on your side and you won the gold buckle yourself. What was that like for you? Did that make you reconsider your rule that once you win you are prohibited from future entries?

A: Winning the RRITR in 2005 was an experience of a lifetime.  Despite the concerns and on goings that take place while producing an event of this size I found myself quite relaxed that particular day.  Never, have I looked back at the decision to limit a win like that to one time.  I like to see the “wealth” get spread around.  Every year it is exciting to watch as the 4 steer average teams back into the box for first place.


Q: What can we expect for this year’s event?

A: Business as usual!  Both the RRITR and Ladies Only events are full.  We will be having our 2nd Annual Pro-Am on Sunday prior to the event with a practice session to follow.  The Silver Legacy Contestant Check-in/Dinner & Calcutta will be a great evening followed by two great days of roping.


Q: The best part about this roping is the cash it has generated for some great organizations. Can you tell us about the charitable contributions that have previously been made?

A: The driving force behind what we do is the charitable organizations we become involved with. Together with the Reno Rodeo Foundation our first endeavor was the Marvin Piccolo School indoor riding arena for the therapeutic horseback riding program for the severely handicapped and mentally challenged children of Washoe County.  Upon completion of that project we determined that Washoe County had a need for a facility to allow those children age’s infants thru 18 years to play and learn while in the protective custody of the Washoe County Social Services.  After 4 years and nearly 2.5 million dollars the facility was complete.  The RRITR has also contributed to the Nevada Patriot’s Fund now Nevada Military Support Alliance, Juvenile Diabetes and many more very worthwhile organizations.


Q: How did you become involved with the Nevada Military Support Alliance? Tell us a little more about what this group does and where the funds raised through the 2011 Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping will go?

A: I was asked by our then Governor Jim Gibbons to head up this effort.  We are involved on a very up-close and personal basis with the military personnel and their families providing support.  Part of our mission is to also promote the recognition and appreciation of the great sacrifices made by these people on behalf of our country.  We have raised close to $1.75 million to support our efforts.  The NMSA is not a charity rather a non-profit with a service mission.


The Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping festivities run from June 18-22, 2011. Visit for more info. To find out more about the Nevada Military Support Alliance visit